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Hahahaha! Yay!  I didn't die on my trip to Fiji!  So I know this journal is a little late-coming. The past week i've been settling back into the usual work routine which is actually quite a relief.
As for my holiday, I enjoyed the bountiful Fiji island, its wondrous coral reefs and its hot sweaty climates were certainly amazing! 
Despite the huge, cyclone that seemed to loom overhead, it barely even made it to Fiji and gave us some wonderful opportunities to see the ocean without being burnt to a crisp!  Thankyou overcast clouds! You did very well indeed!

I met many new faces and made many new friends, who were also from Australia so we all had a lot to talk about! I gotta admit, Fiji is a very kind and considerate island.  As much as the community over there is poverty stricken, they are all very accommodating and willing to help.  I dare say, this is the most kindest place on the planet that I've been to.  I've been all over Europe and my opinion still stands with Fiji.


On a side note, I've recently purchased a little fish tank that I've set up in my room.  Ever since it's been in there, I've been having these extremely vivid dreams.  Strong, Lucid dreams.  I've found myself trying to fight my internal body clock to stay asleep, to dream just that little bit more.  
When I finish work and I'm driving home, I have this wave of excitement knowing that tonight i'll dream again.  I won't know what I'll dream, so every night is a surprise and something new!
Perhaps now would be a good time to keep a dream journal.  I've had a dream journal before and it truly is an interesting read later down the line when you're refreshing your memory of all the dreams you'd long forgotten.  Some are really significant, while others are minute and a little directionless hahaha!!

Here's a good topic to talk about:

Are you a strong dreamer? And, are they in colour or black and white?

I'm crazy about the subconscious mind, tell me your wildest/scariest dreams or nightmares!  I wanna hear em'!


For shits and giggles!
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
My name is Danah and I am a tattooist from Brisbane, Australia. Aside from pursuing my dream as a tattooist, I love art of all mediums including - but not limited to - Traditional, Digital, Poetry, Literature, Music, Etc, Etc!

I enjoy using Prisma colour pencils when creating traditional artwork, as for Digital artwork I prefer to use Photoshop CS4 and Paint Tool SAI. (I would highly recommend these two programs!)

I'll keep working on this bio! If you got any questions just post a comment or even note me! I love receiving mail LMAO!

:heart: you!


Birthday Animation!! YAY!! by Lawlfox
Birthday Animation!! YAY!!
HAHAHAHA!! This is what I made to celebrate my 24th birthday!!  Took me a while and the content is C+ material but HEY!! I had fun making it!!!
I featured Vincent and Taahira enjoying some birthday cake!!  
I had some great reference and inspiration from this here ---> Ask Foxy #2 by TigersharkFreak by TigersharkFreak  

This is a combination mix of Flash, Photoshop and a little bit of Soundbooth to get the right music!
I hope whoever watches this enjoy's the derpy goodness as much as I have!  

Thanks everyone for the fantastic birthday wishes! :cake:  24 years and not a single day goes by where I tell myself:  "I swear i'm really 12 years old!" LMAO!!

Enjoy Enjoy! :star::heart::cake::star::heart::cake::star:


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*flails arms wildly*  WOOOOOOO!!!! So excited!
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All good things take time! :3
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