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The Monthly Whuddup!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 9, 2015, 8:22 PM
  • Mood: Hysterical
  • Listening to: My own nonsensical gibberish!
Singles Awareness Day!

Here it come's again another year has cycled around and another Valentines Day is upon us! Couples prepare each other gifts while the singles - such as myself - sit back and pat the little wad of cash still tucked away warmly in our pockets! Don't get me wrong! Valentines Day is a glorious day! Everyone is getting into the spirit of love and the cliche heart shaped candies and chocolates make another outstanding spike in profits!

But most importantly, there is the satisfaction of renewing eachother's bonds with the exchange of gifts, weather you are strangers, friends, couples or even veteran romantics. Let the sickly-sweet influx of Valentines Art come rolling in! I'll be doing my fare share of love related artwork!

So it is with eager anticipation, that I will be submitting some Valentines tid-bits! Perhaps even after Valentines Day is done and dusted, I'll submit some rather lovey-dovey pieces. Keep yer eyes peeled! :heart:

The Quick Blah!

Things are peachy as always!  I've hit over 17,000 views and I have the lovely people of DA to thank!  

Valentines Day is here and I haven't forgotten to prepare some artwork for this oh-so sweet occasion.  The column to the right will put it all into detail.

My schedule regarding work and 'free time' has been an ongoing discovery in the last couple of months.  Finding a good balance can be a little difficult.  The column below explains this. 

As you can see, I'm experimenting with Journal Skins so please bare with me.  This first skinned journal is merely a trial, if anyone has any suggestions or comments I'd love to hear them.
Perhaps I will turn one of the columns into a deviant feature with a little blurb.

Cheers erry body!

Art, Home and Work. Where do we draw the line?

So for those who aren't too familiar with my work situation, in the last couple of months I've continued my employment with a fiery vengeance! With the surprise of winning a recent award for my efforts, I've had a strong influx of clients.

As a result, my output of artwork has slowed down a little but this isn't something to worry about. I'm still here and I'm still thinking on new ideas and ways to satisfy my arty urges!

Due to my occupation as a Tattooist the only suitable artwork to produce at work is, well, you guessed it, tattoos. So that's where the anime and manga tends to come to a grinding halt.

Over the years of tattooing I've concluded that anime and manga isn't quite something a tattooist pursues in the industry. (Not many clients ask for it unfortunately.)

Although, it won't stop me from drawing it at home in my free time. [winks]

I've had many conversations with various tattoo artists and most have said the same kind of thing in regards to work and home hobbies. They generally say as follows:

"Work and Home are two different things, sometimes the hobbies at home can actively distract you from the tasks at work. Unless you are able to incorporate and apply your home interests into your art at work, you may need to simply keep the hobbies at home."

So with that in my mind, I made the decision that drawing anime and manga at work was in fact a distraction. This also applied to my story writing interests as they too had to remain at home. All I can request is that my beloved watchers just hang in there and I'll do my best to find balance in both work and home artwork.

Journal designed and coded by kuschelirmel-stock with textures from lebstock


Lawlfox's Profile Picture
For shits and giggles!
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
My name is Danah and I am a tattooist from Brisbane, Australia. Aside from pursuing my dream as a tattooist, I love art of all mediums including - but not limited to - Traditional, Digital, Poetry, Literature, Music, Etc, Etc!

I enjoy using Prisma colour pencils when creating traditional artwork, as for Digital artwork I prefer to use Photoshop CS4 and Paint Tool SAI. (I would highly recommend these two programs!)

I'll keep working on this bio! If you got any questions just post a comment or even note me! I love receiving mail LMAO!

:heart: you!


Pewdiepie in High Heels by Lawlfox
Pewdiepie in High Heels
The title explains it all!  Pewdiepie in high heels and underwear!  This is the no.1 moment that always gets me laughing!
Fan arty goodness!  What's one more piece of artwork to the Pewdiepie fandom!

I did a little voting poll and Pewds was at the top! :D

Enjoy mah friends!!  :3 
Lui Calibre - Squeaker Squad by Lawlfox
Lui Calibre - Squeaker Squad
Behold some Youtube related fan art!!  I've been swayed by the cheeky charm of Youtuber - Lui Calibre!
Like millions of other fellow subscribers we are always eagerly waiting for another installment of Squeaker Squad!
Lui play's a young under-age gamer with a smart mouthed attitude and one very squeaky voice to boot!

Have a look, you won't be disappointed! -->…

I'm kinda hoping - by some miraculous chance - that this picture reaches Lui himself.  I searched for Lui fanart and figured there wasn't enough of it.  
So here it is!

On a side note, I was 3/4 through this piece and my brother comes in to say goodnight, but instead he saw the picture and gasped, "OHHH LUI!!! THAT'S LUI CALIBRE!!"
I can't lie, I'm feeling pretty smug right now.  I'm very happy that the monkey character is easily identifiable! Hooray!

To all the Lui fans, enjoy! To all those who aren't familiar, ENJOY ANYWAY!!! :heart:

Artwork is Copyrighted to myself - Lawlfox 
Character and logo is Copyrighted to Lui Calibre and its respected owners.

Keep up the great work Lui Calibre, your fans will always look forward to your squeaky shenanigans!

This is a Low Resolution Upload.  High Resolution images are withheld for copyright purposes.  


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